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Aomine/Kagami doujinshi scanlation: Don’t you have an aptitude for this?


This is the doujinshi “Don’t you have an aptitude for this?” by Mano (of circle Diego).

=_= This doujinshi took… an incredibly long time. Art and I started working on it something like a month ago, but we’ve both been really busy. Blergh.

Preview, rules, and download link under the cut! (Note: this doujinshi is NSFW.)




Title: 素質あるんじゃないですか? | Don’t you have an aptitude for this?

Artist: マノ | Mano

Circle: Diego

Purchasing this doujinshi

Buy on Mandarake (may be sold out!)


  1. Do not upload this scanlation anywhere. Do not share it.
  2. As the scanner, I’d prefer if you didn’t cut panels out of the doujinshi and post them anywhere. However, if you’re going to do it anyway, you must link back to this post - not just my blog. You must also list the title of the doujinshi (Don’t you have an aptitude for this?) and the name of the artist (Mano).
  3. Don’t remove the rules or credits from the scanlation.
  4. If you see anyone breaking these rules, don’t validate their behavior by reblogging or liking their post. Tell them they’re being a jerk and that they should stop.

Download here with password…

Wait. Have you read the rules? They are… kind of important. I’m not just posting them for fun. For the last doujinshi I posted, 24 Second Rule, I saw people happily breaking rule 2 on Tumblr immediately after I uploaded it, with edits that didn’t provide a link back to the post. What is so hard about that? It’s just so that people can find information about the doujinshi and purchase it. I’m not asking you to write an essay or anything.

It seem as though the moment I stop threatening to take away the scans, no one gives a fuck about the rules anymore. I strongly dislike having to include threats with every scanlation post, but seriously, read and follow the rules, okay? I’m not asking for much. And the password is diagnosis

Members can also read this on my scanlation site. ^_^

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